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_Stephanie__but da streets be yell'n__[[NaNi]] I ReSiDe In: LaNc__________ Da AgE: 17 GrOwN AsS WoMaN_______ StAtUs Be: TAKEN**[[happily taken]]_______ I HaTe: DrAmA!!!! So If YoU HeRe To TaLk ShIt ThEn SaVe Ya BrEaTh CaUsE I DoNt PlAy ThEm PoP Off GaMeS[[YA DIGG]]_______ LOVE: My HaTeRz!!!!! OoOoOoOhh MaN I LoVe My HaTeRs__MUAH**________ InSpIrEd By: WEEZY F BABY!!!!!!!!! If YoU NoT DiGgIn Da KiD ThEn YoU WaCk... CaUsE He Da ShIt**__________ -->>A LIL BIOGRAPHY__*** WeLL SiNcE YoU AlReAdY GoT ThE BaSiCs.... AiGhT WeLL ImA StRaIgHt FoRwArD ChIcK__ I SaY WhAtS On My MiNd [[an no i dont sugar coat shit]] I TeLL YoU HoW It Is FrOm ThE gAtE...__ Im A ReAl JuDgEmEnTaL ChIcK__ Im VeRy SeLeCtIvE On WhO I ChIll WiT [[and na u wont catch me chillen wit just anybody]]I HaTe FaKe NiGGaS...ThE OnEs WhO tEll YoU OnE ThInG BuT Do AnOtHeR.. My MOTO__COME REAL OR DONT COME AT ALL...ReAl RaP__AnYwAyS** I MuSt SaY I Am A CoCkY BiTcH__** BuT HeY ThAtS HoW My HaTeRz MaDe Me =]__** BuT OvEr All I Am A NiCe GiRl & CoOl ChIcK__ OnCe YoU GeT To KnO Me YoU WiLL LoVe Me__ BuT ThEn AgAiN** WhO DoNt** ANYWAYS
Name Stephanie
Age 17
Location Greensboro, NC
Ethnicity Hispanic
Interested in Men
Status In a relationship
Music r&b rap all music
Books ugly


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hey! :D thanx 4 the req! :D ciauuuuuu!

By delicioustyle on Feb 24, 2009 11:26 am · History

Just logged on. ? . What's going on with you.

By BRANNNNBO0H on Feb 21, 2009 11:56 pm · History


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